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5 tips for styling your minis nursery

5 tips for styling your minis nursery

Posted on November 17 2021, By: Marisa Taschke

5 tips for styling your minis nursery

A nursery is not just a room where your mini will sleep. 

It’s the first space you work with your newborn on personal development, on developing that first connection to the world around him or her. A great nursery design can spark your baby’s development by cleverly using furniture, decor, and colour choices which tap into key developmental cues. 

Here is CUVR’s 5 tips for styling your mini’s nursery;

Make a plan.

Congratulations mama! How exciting you have a mini on the way!

Nesting can be a fun and creative process, but it often brings on the feeling of being completely overwhelmed as you try to plan and execute your vision. First thing is first in styling your nursery is to make a plan. Creating a Pinterest board of your ideas is my number one hint.

Keep it simple.

Keep it simple and add playful decadence! A neutral colour palette is the key to a great child’s room because you can subtly or dramatically change the room by adding cost-effective accessories.

Essential Bedding.

Bedding for a newborn baby is very important and plays a crucial part in their successful and stress-free sleep. At CUVR we offer a range of bedding essentials that are soft to touch, breathable and made with babes in mind.

*List out bedding with images here*

Use Clever Storage.

You live a busy life and you need to have all your mini’s essentials in easy to find places. Nurseries are the cutest rooms in the house, but they are also used to hold all of your baby’s stuff! Since they need to be functional as well, they are the perfect opportunity to use some clever storage ideas. Baskets and IKEA will become your best friend.

Design a room that will grow with your baby.

Your mini will grow, learn, develop their own personality, and start manifesting likes and dislikes that can seep into your home design. Be sure to incorporate ways to keep your mini’s nursery neutral enough to stand the test of time.


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